In a world where the Shinigami are dead and the Death Notes are now owned by people under the title of KIRA can humanity provail or will the KIRA's establish a new world order?. AU. =-= No porn.

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    Titus Arkhan: Kira. -W.I.P

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    Titus Arkhan: Kira. -W.I.P

    Post  Titus Arkhan on Wed Feb 15, 2012 9:47 am

    Who am I?

    Name Titus Arkhan
    Age 26
    Alias Maxwell Xavier
    Gender Male

    Physical Appearance Titus’s eyes are dark blue tinted with white flecks. His hair is black with a bright red streak running across from his forhead to his left ear. His hair is cut so that it hangs just above his ears.
    Titus is a lanky man with enough muscle to get by. His skin is tan enough to not be pale but stilll appears white. His nails are well trimmed and his fingers seem to be longer then normal humans, whether it is a trick of the eye or true is to be determined, both index fingers are adorned with a ring which seems to just be a dirty silver band. His face is cleanshaven and he frequently wears dark brown sunglasses with orange lenses in all enviroments
    He wears a plain white t-shirt with the words “Adventure Time” on it in black, faded and worn with age over this he wears a long black overcoat adorned with multiple buckles and straps. From his side hangs what looks to be a bible but is actually his Death Note.


    Positive Traits

    Calm: Titus is meticulously calm in the most dire of situations, all problems can be solved but only with a clear head and an open mind.

    Persuader: Titus is a known con-artist and through this a brilliant persuader, able to dance his silver tongue and golden hands along people's minds and pockets he could persuade the strongest of mind to give up.

    Clever: Titus is devilishly clever, knowing alot about the world and it's politics only gives him more chance to dash the hopes of the SPK

    Respectful: Even though he is a KIRA, Titus is actually quite respectful about most things, opening doors for women letting old ladies across the road. . . only to kill them later.

    Pickpocket: Titus is a master pickpocket having mastered the traits of distraction and silent removal he can pickpocket the most alert of people.

    Negative Traits

    Sadistic Titus would rather pull off a humans legs then have coffee with the human. He makes every Death he writes in the Death Note a work of art. Every death is meticulously planned to give the most amount of pain to those around it.

    Liar Titus lies, but every good lie has a grain of truth and that's what makes them great, Titus is a master of this telling you your cat has gone missing but conveniently not mentioning it got run over and he baked it into that pie you are now eating.

    Evil Titus is Pure Evil. Long Story Short.

    Arrogant Titus is arrogant and thinks he is higher than normal humans because he owns a Death Note.

    Sarcastic Titus is extremely sarcastic but it's so subtle it's hard to pick up.

    Fear Me, I mean Death

    Weapon Class Death Note

    Weapon Appearance A holy bible in purple leather, the binding is red and the text on the front cover is in blue, on opening the inside page Death Note is scrawled showing that the cover was just ripped off and replaced. The pages of the Death Note itself are snow white and he has finds purple pens to write in purple ink on these pages.

    What is it capable of? Titus's eyes turn the same color as the ink and time itself seems to stay still as he writes every letter. His mouth makes the shape of the letters he writes and at the end of a word an evil smile covers his face. His hair also bleaches and turns white.

    This is where I stand

    History Titus was born in a rich family and was given the best education that could be afforded to him by his grandparents, his father died from cancer and his mother died at childbirth. He learnt to hate people.

    When the Death Notes rained from the sky he found one in his mailbox.

    Note: Will do this properly when I don’t have so much to do.

    Roleplay Sample Who am I to decide the ignorance of Arrancar? Cool night air brushed his face and ran over his baldhead, his sightless eyes seeing with clarity, never would they be worn from use. It had been three days since he was last here. Three days since he had sworn fealty to Hakuren- Suzumei. Three days since he had earned the title Fraccion of the Tercera Espada. It was amazing how it started here, on the rooftops of Las Noches staring out at the ocean of sand, wrought with danger and peril and yet a forbidden fruit under the glowing white moon. When he couldn’t leave Las Noches, this was where he retreated or, where he retreated now. Like becoming Hakuren-sama’s fraccion he visited this place for the first time that eternal night.

    How his footsteps echoed as his feet slapped the hard rock that formed Las Noches as he walked to his spot, for the passed three days he had came here one time or another, just to find solace in the howl of the dying hollow and the red flashes of Cero. It was solace to Titus, solace he oh so needed. His sword dripped dark red blood, forbidden from congealing. It played it’s haunting melody quietly so Titus could recap mentally as he unsheathed it. He placed the sword flat on his lap as his legs hung over the edge of Las Noches, running his finger along the blade he collected the blood that failed to stain the steel and instead, stained his finger. He wiped it on the white stone next to him and looked back out at the white sea.

    For the passed three days he had been tracking down and “dealing” with Arrancar who questioned his servitude to Hakuren-sama. Questioning it was fine. Saying it behind his back where he couldn’t stab them for it was a completely different matter. So, for the passed three days he had been following leads to the source of the rumours that Titus had paid Hakuren-sama to be her fraccion. Not like Arrancar used money or anything, lets ignore that tiny possibility and finally, what made it even more irritating was that Arrancar actually believed it. Well they wouldn’t be saying he had paid Hakuren-sama now, he had asserted his place as her fraccion all right, the blood had been the price those Arrancar had paid for the respect he deserved.

    Like a plant he had killed the root and now it would never bother him again, hopefully. Arrancar could be painfully stupid at times and he didn’t want to weed more out. That would be . . . unfortunate to say the least. However his blade did enjoy feasting on the sweet lifeblood of all races and stopping singing that calming song of his. The last time he had been infused with his bloodlust he could barely remember it, just the blood splatter on the walls and the feel of his sword cutting through flesh and sinew. That, and the words, “and when nothing remains, then I’ll find peace again” the words seemed to flow from his mouth like swift water and collect around him and making him succumb to the profound sorrow that seemed to leak from them and blanket him.

    He sighed leaning backwards, away from the words. Where had they come from? In all his memory, even his living memory he had no recollection of ever saying them. It was, interesting. What did they mean? He’d find peace in nothing? If he was to tie this in with his blood lust did the nothing reflect killing? The endings of his bloodlust were always unclear. He would always come back from his blurred state of mind and be holding a bloodied blade with corpses all about him. If that was true, had he killed everyone and anyone that was in the area when he had entered it? Was he some kind of mass psychopath trapped in a different state of mind that passed for a second to him but could’ve been days or weeks? The revelation was worrying. The handmaidens song, maybe that kept him sane, his blade’s tune changed to that sentence when he was in his bloodlust. Perhaps, the two were triggers, triggers that reflected what personality he was in, whether he killed for the joy of killing or killed because it was his duty as Hakuren-sama’s fraccion.

    Whatever this other side was, he knew they united in release, becoming one to gain even more power. Both, the song and the sentence radiated from his limbs in his mind, becoming one and making the entity a whole. The bloodlust when he was released meant nothing, a trivial pursuit as he sacrificed for the blood and did Hakuren-sama’s will as her fraccion an odd thought, he could remember that but not the other side. Every release he remembered in startling accuracy but his bloodlust. He supposed he could link it to the gap in his memory and made it part of the burning heat but, that was silly it couldn’t be possible that whatever the bloodlust was, was his aspect of death made manifest in such a way it somehow became corrupted? It wasn’t possible that his duty as a hollow was to kill and so that’s what it did, that’s silly, right?

    The expanse of Las Noches desert seemed to howl in response.

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    Titus Arkhan

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    Re: Titus Arkhan: Kira. -W.I.P

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    Even though that's terrible. =-=

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