In a world where the Shinigami are dead and the Death Notes are now owned by people under the title of KIRA can humanity provail or will the KIRA's establish a new world order?. AU. =-= No porn.

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    Forum Rules.

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    Forum Rules.

    Post  Titus Arkhan on Wed Feb 15, 2012 9:27 am

    Welcome to Death Note Reborn, let me be the first to say Thanks! For joining this forum. Below are a list of Rules.

    • Be Respectful to other players, remember they aren't there for you to kill so please consider what you are doing before you do it.
    • Keep it on the down low, if you are doing a mature thread please make it known in the title just for safety standards (Some of our members could be younger then you think.
    • Easy on the killing, remember everyone can die in this forum but some people might not want to die just yet. Why not make it obvious you intend to kill the character two posts before you commit the event? That way they can get the shit out of raccoon city before it begins.
    • Every player has a right, there is no such thing as "You can't join this thread" if you don't want someone to join please incorparate this into the title of your thread (Closed, Joe Bloggs) Now it's obvious the only one allowed in this thread is Joe Bloggs.
    • Every move you make effects the roleplay, anything you do will have implications on the forum as a whole, so make sure you think about killing that NPC bar owner in China Town before you commit the deed, maybe it could be a hangout?
    • NO GODMODDING OR METAGAMING- If you do not know what these are google them or get out. We HATE people knowing names or somehow calling hits.

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