In a world where the Shinigami are dead and the Death Notes are now owned by people under the title of KIRA can humanity provail or will the KIRA's establish a new world order?. AU. =-= No porn.

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    Reputation -Important-

    Post  Titus Arkhan on Wed Feb 15, 2012 7:51 am


    Reputation is how infamous or famous your character is. The higher your reputation is the more awe you can impose on people lower then yourself. The more rep you have the more you can use people.

    100+ Rep > You can broadcast on the Television

    150+ Rep > You are a threat to other groups.

    200+ Rep > You can create your own group.

    250+ Rep > You are a major threat to other groups.

    500 Rep > Other players below 500 Rep see you as a hero or a villain depending on where you stand.

    How do you earn reputation? You gain reputation points at the approvement of your application after this is approved for every 100 words you write you gain 1 Rep point. Cash these in at the Shop to make it official~

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