In a world where the Shinigami are dead and the Death Notes are now owned by people under the title of KIRA can humanity provail or will the KIRA's establish a new world order?. AU. =-= No porn.

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    Draft <Yui Kisho>

    Post  Yui Kisho on Thu Feb 16, 2012 2:53 pm

    Who am I?

    Yui Kisho


    Ash Sapientia


    Human, SPK agent or KIRA?

    Physical Appearance Paragraph or Image minimum please.
    Straight white blonde hair down to hips with pink and purple highlights. Mostly tied to the left in a ponytail. Has turqoise colored eyes which is said to sparkle by others though they turn to a darker color when she’s by herself as there are no need for pretences. She’s about 168cm tall. She wears a black lace up strapless tank top with a white frilly skirt which reaches her mid thigh. The skirt has lace-up at the right side. She also wears black lace up boot which go past her knees.

    She wears 2 ribbons, one black and one white, which has little crosses at both ends, around her neck like a choker. The ends hang loosely around her body and moves around her as she gracefully moves from places to places. She also wears make up, such as, blue or purple eyeshadow and heavy mascara around her eyes with black or pink lipgloss. Her earrings are droplets hanging down with silver crosses at the ends.

    Positive Traits Five of these
    1. She seems very friendly and has a good sense of humour and people are drawn to her
    2. She seems to miss nothing that goes in and out around her
    3. She seems very bright and nothing seems to get her down
    4. She has a way with her words that can make the stubbornest people agree with her
    5. She seems to be very naïve and innocent in a way that seems only children can possess

    Negative Traits Five of these
    1. She is very criticizing of people because she has learnt not to believe in anyone else but herself
    2. She is very shut off from the real world as she feels she has had enough
    3. She doesn’t like to get close to people as she believes everyone in the world is the same
    4. She’s very sadistic as she has learned to love the pains of others
    5. She doesn’t seem to care about what others think about her. While some see this as a good thing, others see her as arrogant

    Fear Me, I mean Death

    Weapon Class - Firearms for SPK - Close Combat for Humans - Death Note for Kira's
    Death Note

    Weapon Appearance Paragraph Minimum please.
    Hidden as an iPad.
    Press a button which slides the black Screen down and reveals the Death Note hidden inside. The simple white styler is actualy a special pen with turquoise coloured ink.

    What is it capable of? Kiras, what does the Deathnote do to you ? AKA Light Yagami going red eyed when he became Kira.
    The Death Note turns her iris pure white and some mythical patterns appear on her arms and the right side of her face which seems to glow blue. When she uses it the wind seems to swirl around her and gets stronger with every letter of the name written down.

    This is where I stand

    History Minimum two paragraphs.
    Dunno yet….

    Roleplay Sample Minimum two paragraphs.
    And no idea for this one..

    Theme SongOptional

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